Hot Springs

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Preeminent view of the open-air bath

Ridge of mountains continuing, flowing clouds, seasonal transitory, perfect score of the starry sky ....
Try to enjoy pleasure the luxury of woodlands to the full extent.
Monthly changes hot water "hot water of mandarin orange", as well as "hot water of Sugino" are also popular in the fragrant taste.

After Your Relaxing Bath

Enjoy bottled milk after bath.
(It's an interesting Japanese bath culture that Japanese people like to drink a bottled milk right after took an Onsen bath.)
Please bring your "Milk Coupon" that hotel prepared in your room to exchange diffrent flavor of bottled milks or Japanese Lemon soda. 

Another of hospitality, "Let's walk on barefoot! 1 minute Kumano Kodo (Kumano old road) Tour"
Unevenness of health foot plate likened to various places of the Kumano Kodo gives a reasonable stimulus to bare feet.
Let's clean the foot fatigue of a long journey.